Part #  1022045   
Kit fits Jeep Grand Cherokee from ‘93-’98 with 4.0L, 5.2L, 5.9L.
    Heartthrob exhaust systems are manufactured in--Litchfield, MN
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DANGER WARNING:  Should the purchaser decide to install this exhaust product at home, be warned that pleasure car or light duty truck/van “bumper” jacks are intended for emergency use only.  The use of frame contact jack stands in conjunction with a floor jack as main support is highly recommended to minimize accidental dropping of a vehicle while the installation proceeds.

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1)  2-1/4” clamp           
1)  3” hanger clamp-# 2994   
3)  3” clamps                
1)  extension pipe             
1) front tail pipe            
1)  rear tail pipe       
1)  #914 muffler             
NOTE:  do not tighten any clamps until the last step!!  Before cutting any pipes it is a good idea to lay out all the included pipes along side the vehicle and get a good idea of how the pipes will hang on the vehicle.  Please read the instructions fully and thoroughly before you begin.

1)  Remove the exhaust system by cutting the clamp at the junction of the muffler and the converter.  Remove the hangers of the pipes from the o.e. rubber hanger mounts.  You will need to re-use these o.e. rubber hanger mounts.

2)  Install the 2-1/4” i.d. inlet of the extension pipe to the converter, using the 2-1/4” clamp, line up the notch.  

3)  Install the center inlet of the muffler to the extension pipe using a 3” clamp.  The inlet of the muffler is center, with an offset outlet, with the outlet lying towards the drive shaft.

4)  Install the inlet of the front tail pipe to the muffler.  Use a 3” clamp to connect the muffler and the front tail pipe.  

5)  Install the rear tail pipe to the front tail pipe using a 3” clamp.

6)  Install the 3” hanger clamp to the tail pipe, and connect the wire to the o.e. mount.  

7)  Tighten all clamps.  Check for clearance of all brake and fuel lines, and for clearance of all chassis and frame components.